What makes a good domain name?

After you decide on the word, words or name which you like the most and purchase your domain name, it will look something like “yourname.com.au”.
All .au domain names are purchased for two years and renewed every two years.

Before you purchase your domain name, you should ask yourself the following questions.
1-Is it easy to remember?
2-Is it relevant to your business or future website?
3-Will it be helpful in increasing website performance in search engines?
4-Will others want the domain name in the future? and will it be popular and sought after?

Domain names are also often used for email addresses so shorter domain names are often preferred. [email protected] would be better than [email protected].

When making a website you can create sub domains register.au-domainnames.com.au and you can put web pages at www.au-domainnames.com.au/aboutus/ which is known as a directory.