Are there any benefits to buying an existing domain name over registering a new domain name?

Buying a premium domain name on the aftermarket rather than compromising by hand registering a second-rate domain name that is still available is one of the most sensible business decisions someone can make when considering their online presence.

The cost of buying a domain name as opposed to registering may only be a few hundred dollars more but if you are serious about marketing your website, then this could be the best money you ever spend. Additionally when you buy a domain name, you are essentially buying an asset so the purchase has an investment slant to it as well. Domain names (especially Australian domains) are continuing to appreciate so any money you spend on buying a domain name, you’re likely to receive back many times over, even if your online venture is not successful. So in terms of a ‘whole of life cost’, buying an already registered domain name may well be much more cost effective than hand registering a new one.

Of course buying and selling domain names is big business and professional ‘domainers’ buy domain names on the secondary market all day, every day. Some make a very good living trading domain names but many don’t so think twice before rushing out and buying hundreds of domain names before doing the required research.

Domain names are limited and with 1.6 million Australian domains already registered, buying a domain name is often a great choice for any online venture. If you are interested in buying a domain name, we recommend you check out Netfleet which is Australia’s largest domain name marketplace.