Where do I search for and register a domain name?

As you brainstorm possible domain names to register, use the domain name search box to check whether they have already been registered by somebody or they are available.

Your should consider factors such as your main product or service, your business name and your location when creating a domain name. You should also do a search in Google to see what domain names your competitors have registered. Make a list of suitable and available domain names to compare and evaluate later on.

Each time you do an availability search, you’ll be asked if you want to register the available domain name immediately. After you have decided to register a domain name, enter it once more in the search box to confirm that it’s available and then follow the instructions to register it.

If you have any troubles registering a domain name through this website, please use find our contact details on this site and let us know.

Follow this link to start searching for available domain names!