Am I able to sell a specific domain name which I have registered?

Basically when someone sells a domain name in Australia they are selling their rights to use that domain name. Owning a domain name really means that you have authority over that domain name for a specified period of time. This is the biggest reason why you should be sure to never let your domain name expire. If you do ever let your domain name expire someone else could purchase it; this could leave them in a position to sell a domain name back to you that originally belonged to you.

As you can see, a person who is selling a domain name could be in a position to make a nice profit. For this reason, many people consider purchasing and then selling domain names to be a good business to go into. Often these web entrepreneurs end up taking a domain name that is related to a specific niche and working towards building up the traffic to these sites. Once the site is making sufficient revenue, this is often the perfect time to sell a domain name.

If you are looking to sell a domain name, a site like Netfleet is a perfect place for you to go. This site brings together people looking to sell with people looking to buy. The site boasts of being able to offer its users a high amount of traffic making it easier to find people to sell a domain name or buy a domain name if they so choose. Log on to Netfleet to see what others are selling their domain names for, or to get an idea on the cost of one you might be interested in that another was selling.