Why do some websites register domain names for free while others offer to register them for over $100 each?

It’s possible to register a domain name for free but you’ll probably pay for it in other ways. The most common method is to purchase web hosting which includes a free domain name.

If you get a free domain name with another offer, you should make sure the domain name is registered in your name. If you find a better web hosting plan, you can easily move your domain names and websites to your new host. If a domain name is NOT registered in your name, it may be impossible or difficult for you to take it with you.

If a company registers your domain name in their name, they might refuse to let you transfer it to another company. The might want to trap you and force you to pay their overpriced renewal fees for hosting, domain names, or both.

If a company offers customer service which includes advice and assistance with setting up a domain name, a normal price might be between $50-$100. If a professional company is doing everything for you including a custom-made website, expect to pay more. The price will be hiding amongst other costs on an invoice somewhere.

If you pay less than $30 to register a domain name, expect to do everything yourself online through an automated process.

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The process is automated and quite easy but if you have any trouble setting it up,
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